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WWF delivered winter outdoor equipment to Teberdinsky Nature Reserve

24 december 2013
WWF delivered winter outdoor equipment provided by VAUDE (Germany) with support of WWF-Germany to Teberdinsky Nature Reserve.

 Gaiters, snow shoes, and other outdoor equipment are essential for making work of rangers of Arkhyz State Reserve more comfortable in the harsh winter weather of Kizgych valley. Warm sleeping bags come handy at any season, because nights in the valley are never pleasing, even in summer.

We trust that the equipment will make rangers’ winter work more comfortable. Romazan Kipkeev walks about 20 km a day to feed bison, and now deep snow will not stop him”, said Roman Mnatsekanov, senior coordinator of the Russian Caucasus regional office of WWF Russia.

WWF and Teberdinsky Reserve will release into the wild 10 bison, which have been on quarantine enclosure since November 30. This event is to finish a stage of works on preservation of Arkhyz group of bison, the second of the only two groups of wild pure-blooded bison in the Caucasus left by mid-2000 (the other one lives in the Tsei Sanctuary in the North Ossetia).

In its efforts to restore wild bison in the Northern Caucasus, WWF joined efforts of many local organizations: bison nurseries at Prioksko-Terrasny and Oksky Reserves, North-Ossetian and Teberdinsky Nature Reserves. The Project was also supported by WWF-Germany, OAO Northern Caucasus Resorts, OOO Tsentr-Soya and some other establishments anxious about the future of this unique animal, the last wild bull in the Europe, once practically lost in nature and then restored by man.

“We hope that soon, people in Karachay-Cherkessia will be proud to say to their children: ‘Look, there comes Dombay, it’s our bison!’” adds Roman Mnatsekanov.

Mountain equipment delivered to Teberdinsky Nature Reserve
© WWF / Roman Mnatsekanov
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