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WWF supports ecotourism development in Chupa settlement

03 april 2008
Remote North-Karelian rural community got another chance to develop better life.

Chupa rural community, which is a rather small settlement in economically poor Loukhi district of Karelia, has unique opportunities to make this place an internationally important tourist area, - WWF experts conclude. Such tourism-related revival of the settlement will help to solve other challenges like poaching, illegal game-hunting, and forest fires along the North-Karelian coasts.

What can be so attractive in provincial Chupa for tourists from national and foreign capitals? These opportunities are linked to diving that is possible all year round (ice-diving in winter), to own yachting facilities and very good, safe and diverse sailing conditions in the Chupa Bay, to geological tourism, - as well as to the fact that Chupa is located close to the open White Sea, has pristine northern nature around and, additionally, is still far from “cruel civilization”.

Tourism development potential and opportunities were discussed in Chupa at the Conference “Towards Sustainable Tourism at North-Karelian Coast”, which took place on 28-29 March with WWF and Lighthouse Foundation support.

“We invited local community to discuss entire tourism complex development, - says Vassily Spiridonov, coordinator of WWF Russia projects on marine biodiversity conservation. – Our main proposals for tourism development are also linked to the designation of “North-Karelian Coast” Natural Park, which will be the main tool both for nature conservation in these amazing wild areas, and for the catalyzing local rural development”.