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WWF helps raise professionals in combating illegal logging

11 june 2013
The Institute of Advanced and Additional Training of the Primorye State Agriculture Academy in cooperation with WWF conducted qualification courses on how to reveal forest law violations.

40 trainees came to participate in the courses. For the first time inspectors of the Hunting Department, game wardens of hunting estates, policemen and investigation officers of Primorsky Province shared school desks. Lectures and trainings given by the Academy staff, representatives of the Primorye Interdistrict Nature Conservation Attorney Office, Forestry Department, practicing layers, and staff of the forest program of WWF Russia Amur branch have covered a broad variety of topics like how to identify tree species of a living or a cut tree, or a plank, or how to investigate cases on illegal logging.  

«People working in the forest should be all-purpose specialists. They should know hunting and fishing regulations, forest law, Criminal and Civil Codes. Only then we will be able to our job on a high professional level», notes Anatoly Andreev, staff of Primorsky Province Hunting Department.

«Let’s hope that thanks to such training the rate of illegal logging detection will increase and the number of cases on illegal logging will the opposite way decrease», notes Anatoly Kabanets, forest projects coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch.

After the courses all trainees got official certificates. Knowledge and skills received will help policemen and hunting inspectors timely reveal forest legislation violations and bring discipline into forest use practices.