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WWF elaborates the cadastre of the regional protected areas for Republic of Altai

25 august 2010
“Protected Areas for a Living Planet” Project in Altai – Sayan ecoregion works on the cadastre of protected areas of the regional subordination for Republic of Altai

According to the State Law of Russian Federation each region must have the cadastre of protected areas (PAs) including different data on PAs’ location, regime, land owners, sources of finance and so on.

The lack an officially approved and registered cadastre of PAs in Republic of Altai makes it hard for the government bodies to deal with the issues concerning land management and nature resources use on the territories of PAs.

On the initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources and PA4LP Project of WWF in Altai – Sayan Ecoregion the experts of the State “Altai Regional Institute of Ecology” headed by Yury V. Robertus started elaboration of the regional cadastre for PAs.

The data of the cadastre will serve as a basis for decision-making in the field of nature use management and nature conservation. It will be taken into account while elaborating social and economic development plans of the territories, land management schemes, town planning, carrying out ecological expertise and other issues concerning nature resources use and environmental impact.

For the government bodies the cadastre being elaborated will make it easier to make changes of nature objects’ regime, boundaries, area and categories. For the ordinary people having the cadastre will shorten the time –frame for obtaining the inquiry answer from the official bodies.

Irina Onufrenya, the coordinator of PA4LP Project of WWF in Altai – Sayan Ecoregion “Cadastre will provide for easier and quality decision-making in the field forest and land management and will strengthen government control over observance of environmental legislation. I’d like to stress that Republic of Altai is one of the pioneers among the regions of Russia. We will share this experience with the other regions”.