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WWF Russia: Let’s save the tiger together!

02 october 2013
On Sunday, September 29, the city of Vladivostok celebrated Tiger Day. A cheerful parade filled with joy and respects united thousands of people in a common concern for this rare cat. Over 14 years WWF has been involved in organizing this popular holiday.

Tiger parade out of 40 bright columns rolled down along the Ocean Avenue to the central square of Vladivostok city, where it turned into a real «tigerdrome». From two to six thousand participants, these are figures that journalists give in their news reports talking about favorite holiday of Primorye.

This year during Tiger Day celebration Yury Darman, director of WWF Russia Amur branch, the distinguished ecologist of the Russian Federation, handed over special equipment for animal sedation to the experts of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province, which is critically important for the work of the conflict tiger group in resolving human-big predator conflicts.

Over the past years, the number of cases when a sick or wounded young tiger approached a village in a search of an easy prey such as dogs or livestock, become much more frequent. In order to correctly resolve this problem, save the tiger’s life and ensure people’s safety, the conflict tiger group drives out to the place at the first signal and tries to scare the predator away. If the tiger does not go away, specialists from the conflict group must catch him and temporarily sedate. The most humane way is special remote injectors. And we are grateful to the WWF Russia supporter, who helped us to buy this expensive equipment”, - said Yuri Darman.

No doubt, most of children and adults attending the holiday for the first time saw on the stage the rangers who are directly involved in tiger protection in Far Eastern taiga, confronting poachers and saving orphaned cubs from starvation and death. Accepting the equipment, Andrey Oryol, the staff of the conflict tiger group of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province, said that since January 2013 they resolved 9 real conflicts between tigers and humans. He thanked WWF for support and training, which WWF Russia regularly provides for rangers.

Pavilions of public conservation organizations welcomed the Tiger Day guests on the central square of Vladivostok. WWF’s pavilion was easily recognized by a large branded balloon sailing in September-bright sky. All the guests were met by Panda and Tiger, and everyone had a chance to make a picture with the animals and leave their wishes to the tigers on a large banner hanging on one of the pavilion’s walls. Other walls were decorated with tiger paw prints with inscribed facts on tiger life.

In WWF’s pavilion several interesting events took place. This year Diana Arbenina one of the Russian pop singers has supported WWF’s efforts in tiger conservation and has presented five tickets for the acoustics concert of hers. Young artists from Elements of Light art studio hold a traditional master class on how to draw a tiger.

Charitable all-prize lottery traditionally run by WWF was highly popular among kids and grown-ups. Its participants won branded magnets, mugs, baseball caps, T-shirts, books, video films, and other useful and nice-looking souvenirs made by WWF. All raised funds which is about 1,500 euros, will be transferred to Primorsky Province Hunting Department to be used for the tiger protection.


Writing wishes to tiger
© WWF Russia
Handing special equipment over to rangers from conflict tiger group of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province
© WWF Russia
WWF Russia team at tiger parade
© WWF Russia
Yury Darman leading WWF team on tiger parade
© WWF Russia
Tiger art
© WWF Russia