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WWF Russia kicks off SMS-marathon in support of Amur tiger

14 november 2014
WWF launches SMS-marathon in support of the Amur tiger. Everyone can donate any sum for conservation of the animal included into international and national Red Lists of endangered species.

One should send SMS with the word “tigr” for the number 3443 to contribute to the action. Onemessagecosts 100 robles.

The WWF’s action has been supported by the Russian celebrities.

«Tigers are the biggest cats on Earth. The color of its pelt takes your breath away. Unfortunately, the pelt’s beauty attracts poachers, notes Ilya Lagutenko, the founder and lead singer of MTV Award-winning band Mumiy Troll.

«Poachers kill tigers to sell their pelts while healers of exotic medicine think that tiger parts can cure any health problem. No wonder that over the recent 100 years the world tiger population has decreased almost 25 times».

Diana Arbenina, the leader of  Nochnye Snaipery band, is among other famous supporters of tiger conservation. She took part in the “tiger” photo session and appealed her fans to participate in the photo competition “Roaring like a tiger”.

The information partner of the campaign is «Nashe Radio» so the block of social ads voiced by the radio station’s narrators will be broadcasted on 101,7 FM appealing to join WWF’s efforts on tiger conservation.

 «Our audience knows WWF very well. I am sure our people will not stay indifferent to the fate of the Amur tiger. It is so easy to help anybody by simply pressing the phone button.  The main thing here is to trust your partner. And Nashe Radio is very loyal towards WWF, notes Aleksandr Shkolnik, the president of the Multymedia Holding.

WWF Russia has been involved in tiger conservation since opening its office in Russia.  The Amur tiger is the largest tiger subspecies in the world. Nowadays there are around 500 Amur tigers alive in the taiga of the Russian Far East. The figure is not big but it is one of the great achievements of WWF, the government, and other conservation NGOs.  

«Tiger is a flag species, a kind of umbrella under which we protect the nature of the Russian Far East. Tiger needs prey and home to survive.  Effective sustainable system of nature use should be put in practice that is very well balanced between human interests and rare animals' needs, notes Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation program coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch.

According to the monitoring data the animal’s population is stable but it does not mean that it needs peoples help any longer. Poaching is still the main threat for the tiger well being. They kill tiger for the black market with its high demand in its pelt and parts.  Habitat loss due to logging and forest fires are among other threats.

© V. Solkin / WWF Russia