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Fair of protected areas held in Blagoveshensk, Amurskaya Province

23 september 2013
On September 21, the Amur branch of Socio-Ecological Union and a student brigade on nature conservation Bars with the support of WWF conducted in Blagoveshensk the Fair, a special event dedicated to the protected areas of Amurskaya province.

Three Nature reserves, Norsky, Khingansky, and Zeisky took part in the event as well as Muravyovsky Park of sustainable nature use.

A separate poster presented the information of WWF involvement into protected areas creation in the Province. Lots of graphic pandas put near a nature reserve or a refuge speak for themselves. Norsky Nature Reserve, Orlovsky Federal Refuge, 18 regional refuges were created with the support of WWF, the area of another 11 regional refuges was enlarged. The total area of protected lands has been increased for 2,1 million hectares comprising 11,5% of the overall territory of Amurskaya Province.

Kids of the Friends of PAs Clubs performed plays acting like inhabitants of the Reserves, participants of the Kids Theatre glorified the beauty of the Amur River in their songs. Staff of the Botanical garden held a quiz on the Korean pine and rare plant species growing in the taiga. The Bars students organized several master classes.

“The formation of a network of protected areas in Amurskaya Province has been completed. Now it is time to raise the effectiveness of the reserves and refuges, notes Svetlana Titova, protected areas project coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch. It is needed to get people interested in visiting protected areas, in travelling not abroad but in Russia. Ecological paths, visitors centers, local souvenirs are the potential for the development of our reserves and refuges”.

At a map of protected areas created in Amurskaya Province with the support of WWF
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