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Boguchanskaya Hydropower Plant (HPP) in Krasnoyarsky Krai (Russia) is being constructed without ecological expertise
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Boguchanskaya Hydropower Plant (HPP) in Krasnoyarsky Krai (Russia) is being constructed without ecological expertise

31 may 2012
Boguchanskaya Hydropower Plant is a part of an ambitious development project that includes constructing an aluminum plant, a cellulose plant and the HPP in the north of Krasnoyarsky Krai

Unfortunately this project does not include any environment and biodiversity conservation activities to mitigate its impact on fragile environment of northern forests. Despite the project was opposed by the coalition of conservation organizations the owners of Boguchanskay HPP and the regional government do not plan to conduct the official ecological expertise of the project. The fragile and unique boreal ecosystems of Angara River valley are threatened by such rapid and intense industrial resource exploitation. The experts claim that 1 mln cubic meters of wood will come to the water surface in the first year as a result of the bad forest removal. About 150 thousand ha of land (including 30 thousand ha of farmland and the area of two refuges) will be flooded. Moreover this year an unexpected filling of water reservoir was started by HPP’s owners which already caused the low water level of the Yenisey and the problems for river transport workers and timber rafters.

“Rusal and RusHydro Companies implementing a joint project of Boguchanskaya HPP construction on the Angara River does not comply with key international standards, and, moreover, violates the Russian legislation. The developers refused to discuss issues concerning HPP”, says Alexei Knizhnikov, head of environmental policy projects of WWF Russia.

In 2010 as a result of WWF campaign more than thirty thousand citizens of Russia signed the petition to the owners of HPP and regional government with demands to Rusal and RusHydro to follow the legislation and ensure the ecosystems security and diminish the ecological impact.

As an active player of meetings and information campaign WWF claims that the bottom of the future reservoir for HPP has to be totally cleared of wood and a new protected area has to be established in the region to compensate the ecosystem damage. Above all Boguchanskaya HPP should undergo the official ecological expertise.

The banks of the Angara River are being covered with water.
© WWF Russia / E. Bolmasov
May, 2012. Filling of water reservoir is started.
© WWF Russia / E. Bolmasov