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Премия рунета 2017

Local Chukotka people cleaned up and prepared the rookery for Walruses

01 september 2008
For the first time ever in Chukotka history subbotnik for clean-up of the Pacific Walrus rookery site took place on weekend in Ryrkarpy ethnic community.

Snowfall the day before and almost real winter weather did not change the plans for subbotnik (volunteer labour Saturday) at the walrus’s rookery site at Kozhevnikov cape. In few hours local people collected and burnt lots of rotten logs and domestic litter. The team of 15 people, adults and young, worked together led by the local Ryrkarpy community Head of Administration Oksana Makarova.

“We expect Walruses to arrive in a week – comments Vladilen Kavry, coordinator of the “Bear Patrol” Project, - and we planned this work with local people already last year. It happens for the first time that people decided themselves to give this help to animals”.

Victor Nikiforov, the coordinator of “Bear Patrol” Project says that the idea to clean-up rookery sites of Walruses prior to arrival of animals came up to local people themselves, - it happened last year when Walrus rookery was formed at Kozhevnikov Cape for the first time in the latest 50 years. Expert counts proved that there were 50 thousand individual Walruses at the rookery.

In the end of this week local administration plans one other subbotnik, this time with participation of local school kids.