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Премия рунета 2017

It’s time for the “spotted family” summer vocations, while we enjoy the full version of the documentary

10 july 2014
All episodes of a unique series “Spotted family-2” created by “Land of the Leopard” National Park and WWF Russia, have turned into one documentary. Now it is possible to follow the leopard family history in one breath

The full version of the “Spotted family-2” is now available on the website of the “Land of the Leopard” National Park and “Zov taigi” Channel.

The winter sequel about the heroic mother bringing up three cubs turned out no less exciting and informative than the autumn reality-show “Spotted family”, which started a long-term Amur leopard video monitoring project. Here are a few comments received after the final series release:

“I see, the series main character takes up the issue of national importance - the increase of the population - with great responsibility and enthusiasm!”

“Goodbye, spotted family! Many thanks to the authors for many moments of joy, anxieties, expectations and events! These were happy moments, and we wait for a miracle to continue! Mother raised three wonderful animals, worthy of attention of this cheeky master of the taiga. What a handsome creature! Wish great success both to leopards and to people who protect them!”

“Thank you very much for the positive and happy ending! Just wonder if it’s too early for mom to start dating again? Look forward to new episodes!”

Many viewers ask the same question: why only eight episodes? Well, what can we say. The researchers still do not believe that it became possible to produce the whole 16 episode story (“Spotted family” and “Spotted family-2”), which revealed the secret life of the planet's rarest cats, since cubs birth almost till the moment of litter separation. The main character never appeared in front of cameras in summer. But it is quite natural. After all, if in April the camera did recorded the wedding, and leopards pregnancy lasts three months, it means that at the moment the female may well be in a cozy secret cave with new yet blind little kittens. In this case, we only have a chance to see the new family on the walk in front of hidden cameras in autumn.

Judging by the comments and interest on the Internet, we have achieved the planned results, - says Andrey Borodin, director of “Land of the Leopard” National Park. - The film is interesting to different society groups, people really do care about the fate of the Amur leopard population. Attention attracted to this problem gives a hope for successful implementation of the project to increase the number of these rare cats in Russia”.

Shall we see the grown kittens again? According to the rules of leopard life they must leave the mother in favor of new kids and go in search of their own hunting grounds. For many years of photo monitoring there have been cases when some of young animals returned home after a couple of years. So there is a hope to meet our old friends again.

“I'm still dizzy after sleepless nights of film assembling, - said Vasily Solkin, film director, head of public relations of WWF Russia Amur branch. - I actually do not mind to have a timeout. Our leopards were not only great actors but they were film directors as well. For me, this is an unprecedented project, a perfect example of close creative and fruitful cooperation between two organizations. It is also a huge set of priceless facts about the most mysterious cat, which will be very useful for those who take responsibility for the implementation of the Amur leopard reintroduction program in the Southern Sikhote-Alin”.

Spotted family
© Gennady Yusin