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Barbarity in Primorye: hoofed animals are being killed even during fawning period…

15 june 2010
On June 6, the inspectors of the Hunting Department of Primorskii Province seized the poachers in Khankaiskii district of Primorye, who killed three roe deer. WWF experts participated in zoological expertise.

After the operational-investigations group of militia arrived to the accident site, the following facts were found out: a group of people shot three individuals of roe deer while driving their car Isuzu Vehi Cross and using lightning devices and semiautomatic weapon.

The expertise showed that two male deer and one female were killed by magnum of 300 calibre Win Mag, which is usually used during hunting large animals. Militia officers collected dozens of evidences and determined the suspects. The criminal case was initiated and the poachers are facing up to two years in jail and compensation fine for environmental damage.

“This is the second similar case in Khankaiisky district over the past time, - comments Pavel Fomenko, coordinator of biodiversity conservation projects of WWF-Russia Amur branch. – In the first episode of seizing poachers the court imposed a judgment to confiscate the transport vehicle and criminal punishment to the poachers. We hope that in this case the justice will do its best as well, moreover there are more than enough evidences of the crime”.

Now it is a season of breeding and nursering for hoofed animals and hunting is prohibited. Moreover, hunting at night time using cars and light is totally illegal and criminal during all year round. After such “hunting” a lot of orphan animals are left that result in their perishing. Note, that one tiger could feed with the hoofed animals killed by the poachers during one month.

“Such people could not be called hunters, they are “shooters”, for whom animals are just a food for the flames. The fact that the poachers had an off-road vehicle and expensive weapon makes the issue of their “hunger” and “poverty” pushing them for such an act out of the question, adds Sergey Aramilev, coordinator of biodiversity conservation projects of WWF-Russia Amur branch. – I would not share the optimism for the just punishment. For example, last December the analogous crime was committed. The poachers killed five sika deer, and there were a lot of proofs of the crime. However, militia could not determine the violators and punish them. Perhaps, that is because one of them was a militia staff. So it comes out like while in one district militia successfully brings the bastards to light, in another it covers them up and doesn’t want to investigate such cases.”