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What to expect from the climate? Arkhangelsk hosted a series of lectures for teachers, students and general public

31 march 2021
On March 29-30, Arkhangelsk’s Northern (Arctic) Federal University and the Northern Medical State University hosted WWF Russia for a webinar and a series of lectures intended for school and university teachers, students and general public and focusing on the cause-and-effect relationships of climate change globally and in Russia and Arkhangelsk, in particular.

The climate change-related challenges are of concern in our country: hazardous weather events have increased two-fold over the past 20 years, and there is evidence to believe that their frequency may increase in the 21st century. The issues of resilience are therefore as high on the agenda as never before. 

WWF Russia is set to increase the public awareness of climate change. One format for it is the interactive class for school students titled Climate Change in Russia. Launched past year, it has been joined by 3,000+ teachers and volunteers in different parts of the country and covered 60,000+ school students.

“We enjoyed every bit of this class. With captivating content of its animated presentation and detailed notes to each slide, it has diverse tasks and there are is gaming element. It made our children really think about the climate change. We even set us a group of speakers to get the message across to learners who have not been delivered this class,” Maria Kislova, a primary school teacher at Secondary School No. 11 in Arkhangelsk, said in the webinar.

For more mature audience – universities and general public – there is a dedicated massive open online course (MOOC) with “Russian series” of Climate Change lectures that provides more detailed insights into the climate change trends and forecasts for Russia and its select group of regions.  

“To date, we have 375 participants registered for the course, of whom 204 have already completed it. More than 80% of the course participants showed excellent performance, which speaks of their responsible attitude. Upon successful completion of the course, participants are issued the certificate of completion,” said Lyudmila Drachkova, NARFU Higher School of Live Sciences and Technology, Department of Geography and Hydrometeorology.

The course materials are available at изменениеклимата.рф.

The lectures by Dr. Alexey Kokorin, Head of WWF Russia Climate and Energy Program of and Russia’s leading climate researcher, have aroused special interest among Arkhangelsk’s students and faculty staff. In his presentation, Dr. Kokorin laid special focus on what the cause-and-effect relationships of climate change mean for the northern areas. 

“Arkhangelsk and its municipalities may face serious manifestations of the climate change as early as mid-21st century. Winters may become much warmer. There may be an increase in precipitation and wilder weather fluctuations. The alternation of thaws and frosts may become more intense. And negative weather events such as heat waves, floods, storms and forest fires will definitely become more frequent. It is therefore essential that the world decreases its greenhouse gas emissions and follows a moderate scenario,” said Alexey Kokorin.

The events have been made possible thanks to Raising climate change awareness among the youth in northern regions, a project run by WWF Russia and WWF Germany with the support from the European Commission. 

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