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Pinega to Run Environmental Initiatives

28 september 2022
The residents of Pinega settlement have been introduced to Dvina Landscape Initiative and concept design of the Center for Environmental Initiatives.

Designed to raise environmental awareness, promote nature conservation and sustainable development, the initiatives were presented to the local communities and the heads of Pinega district, Sura and Novolavela settlements (Arkhangelsk Region).

Being funded by Arkhangelsk Governor’s Center, one of the initiatives works for the establishment of the Center for Environmental Initiatives in Pinega. Designed as an environmental venue, the Center will be hosting workshops, meet-the-expert sessions, contests, games, research activities, and environmental awareness trainings. There is a plan to make an eco-trail in the near Sura village and to start a series of forest cleanup campaigns. 

On the eco-trails route
WWF-Russia / Tatiana Parinova

Once established, the Center for Environmental Initiatives will facilitate the goals of Dvina Landscape Initiative. The Initiative seeks to achieve sustainable development within the basins of the Northern Dvina and Pinega Rivers, promote natural values conservation and responsible nature management, and create the opportunities for local people to engage in ecotourism and non-timber forest resource management. The Initiative has so far provided funding to seven projects: medicinal herbs, stone craftsmanship, skin-trimmed skis for tourist use, wooden souvenirs, eco-path in Pinega Nature Reserve, and Centre for Dvina-Pinega Landscape Sustainable Development.

“It is essential to have a wide range of initiatives to promote sustainable development of the Dvina-Pinega Landscape. Such initiatives stimulate local growth by offering the communities more economic opportunities while also conserving the area’s unique natural values,” says Andrey Kopytov, senior project coordinator at WWF Office in Arkhangelsk.

Also, under the Dvinsky Landscape Initiative the area’s ecological network is being developed, the studies and efforts for conservation of the unique northern nature, rare and endangered species (one being wild reindeer) are performed.
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