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Pinega Community to Receive Grants to Support Eco-Tourism and Craftsmanship

25 august 2022
World Wildlife Fund and Golos Severa (Voice of the North) Association for Natural and Cultural Heritage will provide grant funding to a total of seven projects.

Developed by the residents of Pinega District in Arkhangelsk Region, these projects seek to promote ecological tourism and sustainable nature management within Dvina-Pinega Landscape.

Winning projects ideas are medicinal herbs harvesting and processing and traditional northern wood and stone craftsmanships. One artisan, a native of Pinega, came up with the idea of skin-trimmed skis for tourist use on winter hiking tours. Another project deals with eco trail in Pinega Nature Reserve, and there’s a plan to set upthe Centre for Dvina-Pinega Landscape Sustainable Development in Golubino Natural Park, the latter expected to serve as a source of informational support for both local initiatives and entire landscape, as well as a venue for workshops, expert meetings and discussion of new ideas. 

“The winning projects deal with eco-tourism and traditional crafts as what ensures commercial profit while also facilitating the caring attitude to our northern nature and the responsible use of natural resources. Each of the projects offers rural residents an opportunity to improve their livelihood, contributing to small entrepreneurship and the area’s economy as a whole,” said Nikolay Larionov, Head of WWF-Russia Arkhangelsk Office.  “With ancient villages with distinct lifestyle, traditions and pristine nature, being conserved as nature protected areas, including the Pinega Nature Reserve and Dvina-Pinega Landscape Reserve – the district of Pinega boasts an impressive potential in terms of rural tourism. Here, the rural communities have at all times been largely dependent on forests and naturally occurring goods and services. By supporting the initiatives aimed at sustainable use of natural assets, we can facilitate and contribute to the sustainable development of this territory.”


The ideas of the local residents will become reality thanks to WWF- Earthworm Foundation project Dvina Landscape Initiative. A unique territory of ecological, social and economic value, Dvina-Pinega Landscape is located in the interfluve of the Northern Dvina River and the Pinega River and is home to pristine forests, pure salmon spawning waters and a population of 115,000+ people. Large timber companies operate here. The project seeks to preserve the area’s natural values, advocate for environmentally responsible forest management and create new opportunities for the local population in the field of non-timber forest resources management and eco-tourism as a way to contribute to its sustainability and multi-faceted development.

In the effort to support the local initiatives, the grant funding opportunities for the Pinega residents are just the beginning. As the project continues, its geography will cover more areas in Dvina-Pinega Landscape. The beneficiaries will presumably be able to register their small businesses , market their products and host workshops using the resources of the local Center for Sustainable Development. Once the active residents have gained the skills in project development and implementation, they will be able to apply for the calls from other programmes to gain funding for the development and upscaling of their projects.  

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Head of Arkhangelsk Ecoregional Office