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Public inspectors drew up 15 reports of poaching on the Bolshaya

30 september 2015
WWF continued to support public inspectors on the rivers of Kamchatka during salmon fishing season this year.

Public inspectors worked on four rivers of Kamchatka beginning from June and to the end of September. Major attention was paid to the Bolshaya River, where the situation with poachers is extremely concerning. More than 40 times volunteers were on patrol in this river, and more than 15 days were also spent on the Paratunka, Avacha and Ostrovnaya Rivers.

Together with the inspectors of the Russian Federal Fishery Agency, public inspectors confiscated three boats, nets with a combined length of 150 meters, and more than 500 kilograms of salmon roe.

It remains difficult for public inspectors to keep up with criminals. Poachers have faster boats and usually are better equipped than volunteers. They use powerful radio transmitters for better coordination with each other. As one of the volunteers stated, these kinds of transmitters are the same as those used by elite police forces, and cannot be bought in a store. To combat these well-equipped thieves, WWF needs your support to put more “eyes on the river” in 2016.

Poacher near Ust-Bolsheretsk town, Ust-Bolsheretsk district, Kamchatka krai
© WWF России / Andrei Vakhrin