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Премия рунета 2017

More than 100 pupils have supported "To school with leo" campaign

11 september 2017
Instead of flower bouquets on the 1st of September children presented their teachers with certificates of the support of the program for the restoration of the Persian leopard.

The schools of Moscow and Moscow region took part in the action "To school with leo" and chose charity instead of flowers on the 1st of September. More than one hundred students received gift sets from WWF and a monthly electronic subscription to the weekly children’s issue "Class Journal".

The Persian leopards existed in the Caucasus up to the middle of the last century, until they were completely exterminated by humans. The collected funds will go to the support of the program for the restoration of rare cats, for the technical equipment of the monitoring group, the purchase of field equipment and additional photo traps to monitor leopards and ungulates.

A large-scale program is underway in the Caucasus dedicated to return the cats to their historical territory. Prior to the release into the wild, the kittens undergo long training and learn to survive in the wild.

Informational partners of the campaign are: "Class Journal", " Dilettant ", "First-class parents", "Happy parents", "Children's TV channel"
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