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Amur leopard a hero of the live link up of the Radio of Russia

17 november 2015
Today the rarest wild cat living in Primorye, Russia, has become the focus of the link up that connected Vladivostok with the rest part of Russia as part of the media-project Radio of Russia travels across Russia.

Its 25th anniversary the main state radio station celebrates with the grand media project. Travelling across Russia  journalists from Moscow together with their colleagues in the regions connect separate corners of the vast country telling the audience the most interesting stories.

This week was opened with the link up from Vladivostok. What is characteristic for Primorye? It is famous with its history, fleet, and its unique nature. So the nature was the topic of the discussion. One of the guests of the radio studio was Vasily Solkin, head of Development at WWF Russia Amur branch. It was he who has acted in the name of the Amur leopard and spread interesting facts on the spotted cat that became a nationwide knowledge.

«When 30 years ago I saw a leopard for the first time I immediately fell in love with him, notes Vasily Solkin. It was a love at first sight and for the rest of my life. Therefore, out of nine videos about the leopard only one tells the story of his life while all the rest are the appeal to safeguard him».

Vasily Solkin, one of WWF staff, speaks on behalf of the Amur leopard
© WWF / Russia