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Youth Forum delegates visited the tiger trail ... and know what is a «snowball fight»

22 november 2010
On November 20th and 21st, the delegates had an outdoor «classroom» in Primorye - in the Federal Reserve «Leopard» and hunting farm «Orlinoye».

These tours that were planned within the framework of an organized Youth Forum in Vladivostok on the initiative of WWF, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Primorsky Territory Administration became a real discovery for delegates. Most of them come from warm – 13 countries of tiger habitat - for the first time they saw not only the Ussuri taiga, Amur tiger footprints in the snow, but also the snow. So, after returning home - in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal and Thailand, «tiger ambassadors» will not only be able to tell about the Amur tiger, but also tell what is a “snowball fight'. Young people share their impressions with their peers on the Internet.

During two days of field trips forum delegates met with various habitats of Amur tiger, located both in protected areas - the federal reserve «Leopard» and “Kedrovaya Pad”, and in the hunting farm «Orlinoye». But what they have in common is that on protected areas, where hunting is strictly forbidden, and in the state game farm, people care about Amur tiger and do their most for the welfare of the rare cats. In the reserve «Leopard», in which creation of WWF Russia was directly involved, it is an effective protection and fire fighting. In «Orlinoye» with the help of WWF-Russia rangers biotechnical measures are being actively promoted to increase the number of ungulates - the basis of the food of striped predator, new methods of feeding ungulates are being practiced. And also in the reserve, and the hunting farm Amur tigers regularly leave the inspectors and scientists «in memory» their portraits from photo traps. The youth delegates were told all that during the tours guided by a project coordinator of WWF Russia Amur Branch Andrew Fereferov, inspector of the reserve «Leopard» Sergei Naimushin, director of “Orlinoye” Sergey Vobliy and gamekeepers of the hunting farm.

Today, the delegates of the International Youth Forum tiger work on the final document - Appeal to the participants of the International Forum on tiger conservation in the world, which is now being held in St. Petersburg. The Appeal will be tomorrow, November 23d, handed over to the heads of governments during a teleconference Vladivostok - St. Petersburg.