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«Freed to be wild». New RT documentary on wildlife conservation projects in Russia is now on air

06 april 2020
The movie about people who are saving Russian fragile wild nature will be available online on the 6th of April

"Freed to Be Wild" is a joint project between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF-Russia) and RTD for the organization’s 25th anniversary in Russia. The film tells a story about three people who’ve dedicated their lives to protecting wildlife in the most extreme regions of the world’s biggest country. The moviemakers followed them tracking polar bears and walruses in Chukotka, placing Saker falcon chicks in Siberia, and saving Amur tigers and leopards in the Far East.

Russia’s vast wilderness is home to thousands of animals, including rare and common species. Amur tigers and leopards, polar bears, and Saker falcons are under threat from poaching, habitat loss, and rising temperatures. However, with people dedicating their lives to wildlife conservation, all is not lost. This film tells about some of Russia’s most endangered animals and the people who, with WWF Russia’s help, are determined to save them. You can watch it in full on RT Documentary’s YouTube channel. 

 “The work done to conserve nature in various parts of our country often goes unnoticed, and documentaries like this one help raise people’s awareness about these important — and at times dangerous — efforts. For 25 years, WWF-Russia employees have been doing their best to preserve nature, and we are happy about our joint project with RTDoc that is launching on our 25-year anniversary,” said Yury Sochnev, Communications Director at WWF-Russia.

WWF work to preserve the Amur tiger population in the Russian Far East is carried out in close cooperation with the relevant authorized government agencies, with the help of the Amur Tiger Center and WWF-Russia.

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