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Gazelles help foxes and gerbils that live the future tiger house in Kazakhstan

01 october 2021
On World Animal Day, WWF-Russia, together with the InAppStory service, shows who comes to the watering holes of the Kapshagai-Balkhash ecological corridor and the Ile-Balkhash Reserve.
These unique footage will debut in the Stories format on the website

The life of the inhabitants of the Kapshagai-Balkhash ecological corridor, which is located near the area of the future reintroduction of the tiger in Kazakhstan, has become more comfortable. Last fall WWF-Russia with the support of Ferrero Kazakhstan LLP (Ferrero Kazakhstan) with the Kinder® brand installed drinking troughs here, which is regularly filled from wells - they used to be used for livestock, but they stood idle for many years. Within the framework of the project, 8 watering points have been created and since April 2021 they are provided with water.

But the artificial watering hole was chosen not only by the gazelles, for the preservation of which it was created, but also by other animals who do not yet suspect that soon the tiger roar will be heard again in these forests. These are wolves, gerbils, foxes, local birds. Animals that come to the water fall into the lens of a camera trap - an automatic camera that reacts to movement. In order to follow the life of one watering hole in tiger places, people in cities could also follow, on Animal Protection Day WWF-Russia together with InAppStory made a video in the Stories format.

WWF-Russia regularly releases a large amount of content: reports on our environmental projects, infographics, educational materials, videos. In order to quickly share content with site visitors, we decided to use the Stories functionality," comments Mikhail Volkov, Head of Digital Projects at WWF-Russia. – In my opinion, this format has three advantages: a popular and intuitive interface; the ability to utilize different content formats: photo gallery, video, small texts; displaying content without leaving the page. After viewing, the user can close the Stories and continue on the site.

A few days ago, Vladimir Putin confirmed his readiness to help Kazakhstan to return tiger that disappeared back in the 30s. The President has also spoken about it during the tiger summit in 2010, and the international reintroduction program, which is being implemented by the Government of Kazakhstan with the support of WWF-Russia. Animals from the Far East are planned to be transferred to the Ile-Balkhash Reserve, which for many years, with the support of WWF-Russia, have been prepared for the arrival of striped predators. The ecosystem, impoverished after the disappearance of a large predator, is being restored here. 

In order for the tiger to have someone to hunt, Bukhara deer are brought here and the population of other ungulates is taken care of – wild boars, gazelles, saigas. In order for the deer to have something to eat, tugai forests are being restored here. Turanga for the new tiger house was cloned and grown in greenhouses specifically for this WWF-Russia project. The territory is provided with effective protection. 

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