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Argali Conservation International Workshop in Altai

05 october 2015
Key argali conservation stakeholders from Russian and Mongolia agreed to improve cooperation for the transboundary management of Argali at a meeting recently concluded in Republic of Altai (Russia).

The meeting was organized on initiative of WWF supported by Sailugemsky National Park. Experts from Russia and Mongolia, representatives of governmental agencies, scientific institutions and NGOs from both countries met from to discuss ways to ensure the conservation of Argali. The delegation from Saaritchat-Ehertashsky Nature Resreve (Kirgizia) shared their conservation results and tips.

Participants unanimously agreed on the need for improved international co-operation to address issues such as monitoring, information exchange. In order to improve data collection participants agreed to hold an annual monitoring to determine the exact argali population numbers.

We’d like to stress the importance of cooperation between two countries - Russia and Mongolia, says Tatyana Yashina, WWF Altai – Sayan Programme Species Officer. We are planning the constant dialogue with the Mongolian colleagues to ensure effective protection of argali across the borders”.

Monitoring teams will also take into account and register the meeting with the other species, animal causalities, food and climate conditions. Radio collaring method was refused by the experts for its danger to the animals.

This autums joint monitoring teams of Russian and Mongolian experts will conduct the field work in two countries. It will help to correct the protection measures and work out the amendments for the Argali Conservation Programme and Action Plan.

The Argali or Mountain Sheep Ovis ammon is a threatened ungulate that inhabits mountains, steppe valleys and rocky outcrops in eleven Central Asian countries. It’s a flagship species for Altai-Sayan Mountain Country , one of the biodiversity rich areas of the planet.



Alexander Chaika, Director of Sailugemsky National Park at the meeting
© WWF России / E. Kharkova
Argali Monitoring Team
© WWF России / S.Spitsyn
Алтайский горный баран аргали в национальном парке «Сайлюгемский»
© WWF России / Игорь Хайтман
Argali in Sailugemsky National Park
© WWF России / Игорь Хайтман
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