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Tiger in the cage again

04 july 2011
WWF Russia and its supporters help to nurse a young Amur tigress in the rehabilitation center «Utes» in Khabarovsky Province.

The Amur tiger female was captured on June 5, 2011, not far from Roskosh village of Vyazemsky district of Khabarovsky Province. Her capturing was a compulsory measure, because the female was regularly seen approaching the village, she as well stole several dogs. The conflict situation was immediately reconciled by the “Protected areas and wildlife protection Agency of Khabarovsky Province” with the assistance of the specialists of WCS, A.N.Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution and the Special Inspection “Tiger”. After capturing the female was placed at the “Utes” regional wild animals rehabilitation center of Khabarovsky Province.

WWF Russia reacted on the arrival of the newcomer in the center without delay. 100 thousand rubles was provided for keeping the tigress. Over a number of years, WWF supports the programs of tiger rehabilitation in the “Utes” center. Thanks to our supporters in the end of the last year the equipment and all necessary medical supplies for medical station were provided for rendering aid and preventive examination of wild animals placed in the center.

“According to the initial information and the tigress look, she is younger two years old. In fact she is a grown up tiger cub who was about to leave her mother and start living on her own. At the moment it’s hard to tell for sure why the mother disappeared and what happened to her, - tells Sergei Aramilev Species program coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch. – As a matter of experience we may assume that the mother became another victim of poachers. Every tiger is important for the population, especially female, and it does not matter where she stays after - in the wild or in the zoo. We already had a case in 2008 with the young tigress named Angara. At that time, the tigress who was prepared for the release into the wild, had escaped from the enclosure herself when the tree damaged the fence, and she happily disappeared in the woods. It’s notable that a conflict tiger-human situation was never registered in that area, that tells about her successful life.”

The real reasons for the tigress approaching the village will be figured out after the comprehensive medical investigation. Basing on these results specialists will make the decision on her possible returning into the wild.