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Премия рунета 2017

China invites Russia to celebrate the Global Tiger Day

29 july 2016
By the initiative of WWF China and WWF Russia on 29 July, children from bordering areas in Jilin Province, China, and southwestern Primorye, Russia, will celebrate the Global Tiger Day together.

Celebration will take place in Wangqing county with support of Forest Department of Jilin Province, Forestry Administrative Bureau of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, WWF China and Russia. The event will be attended by the representatives of Administrations of Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces, Wangqing and Huangnihe protected areas, volunteers from Universities of China, students of secondary schools from Russia and China.  

Russian delegation including 25 people is represented by staff of WWF Russia Amur branch, teachers and 17 schoolchildren of Khasansky and Nadezhdinsky districts of Primorsky Province. These children have already proven their love towards nature: they are members of nature protection brigades, propaganda teams and many times participated in Tiger Days and Leopard Festivals in Russia. 20 drawings by kids from Zarubino, Khasan, Slavyanka, Barabash, Nezhino will participate in the art exhibition prepared for the Global Tiger Day in Wangqing.

Comments Liu Peiqi, director of WWF China North-East Office: “It is great to the participation of Russian delegates in this event, which provides a good opportunity for the communication about the efforts of conservation to Amur tiger between schoolchildren of Russia and China. With the expansion of trans-boundary conservation between Russia and China, more and more activities like this event have been conducted between our two countries in these years. This is very important and much helpful for increasing the awareness of local people for the conservation to Amur tiger. In the past year, a Protected Area Network for tiegr conservation along the border area has been expanded, and a serious cooperation in conservation to Amur tiger between Russia and China have been carried out, such as cameratrap monitoring and anti-poaching. With the deepenness of international cooperation between Russia and China in conservation to Amur tiger, we need to conduct more such a kind of public events for the sake of conservation.”

Comments Yury Darman, director of WWF Russia Amur Branch, PhD, distinguished ecologist of the Russian Federation:

“Since recently the Global Tiger Day is celebrated on 29 July, however, in Primorye it is traditionally held on last Sunday each September. Anyway, we’re happy to support our Chinese colleagues in celebrating the holiday. Last year the delegation of schoolchildren from China visited Slavyanka and took part in Leopard Festival. This year young friends of big cats will demonstrate their skills in Wangqing. On Global Tiger Day we are thinking about nature, coordinate our tasks, efforts and share emotions in conservation of this unique animal. Data from cameratraps obtained over the past three years allowed us to identify 45 different tigers living in southwestern Primorye and adjacent territories of China (Changbaishan population), including 19 of them were recorded both in Russia and China, crossing the border many times without any visa. One male tiger even managed to walk 250 kilometers from the Land of the Leopard National Park to Huangnihe Nature Reserve, having marked future borders of national park in China. I believe that my dream comes true and all these protected areas will be united into a Sino-Russian transboundary nature reserve for tigers and leopards.”

 The Program of Global Tiger Day in Wangqing includes the performance of different authorities and organizations and awarding best rangers of nature reserves in China. Presentations of administration of Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces, WWF China and WWF Russia will summarize the results of 6 years work after the Tiger Forum in St-Petersburg in 2010.

 The photo show, art exhibition and video film demonstration about the tiger were prepared as well as the concert performances of students and tiger quiz. Kids from Russia will bring a Tiger Day song of local singer Alexandr Burnaevsky and will sing it together with friends from China.

 Selfie action «Thumbs Up» will become a part of the holiday as well. Participants will paint their thumbs in red-black striped pattern symbolizing the goal of doubling tiger numbers on the planet, and leave their prints and wishes on the banner.


Russians join Thumb Up campaign
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