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Competitions in favor of wild cats held in Zabaikalie (Transbaika

07 may 2015
Competitions in favor of wild cats held in Zabaikalie (Transbaikal)

As part of the WWF’s Tiger Count Project, Sokhondinsky and Daursky Nature Reserves conducted a series of activities for the kids on the conservation of rare cats.

In Transbaikal there are no Amur tigers but it is home for lynx, snow leopard, and steppe cat, manul. It is very important for the local people to protect and save these species.

Staff of Sokhondinsky Nature Reserves held a district-wide creativity competition among local kids “A Whiskered Family” and received over 70 pieces of art.

Daursky Nature Reserve conducted a district-wide competition “Clever Fellows” where the kids fight for the title. All the winners got gifts from WWF.

According to Svetlana Titova, protected areas project coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch, «The more the kids and their parents know about tigers and feel sympathetic towards them and other rare wild cats the more chances there are for their conservation”.