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New equipment for «Bear patrol»

02 december 2016
EXNESS Group supports WWF Russia in conservation of the polar bear population.

EXNESS Group has allocated funds for World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF Russia) project «Bear Patrol». Therefore the protection of polar bears on the Pechora and Kara seacoasts will be enhanced.

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District the funds will be used to purchase equipment for organized groups to prevent conflicts between humans and polar bears. Also necessary supplies will be purchased and training on work with immobilizers will be provided to the patrol.

In addition, equipment will be distributed to local «Bear Patrols» operating in the city of Amderma, villages of Ust-Kara and Varnek of the Nenets Autonomous District. Also funds will be allocated for the purchase of materials, polar bear monitoring training for the patrol and transportation costs.

«We are happy to continue cooperating with our partner – EXNESS Group,» says Yury Sochnev, WWF Russia head of communications and marketing. «Through this interaction, we can combine efforts in the field of conservation of an endangered species – the polar bear».

«Endangered wildlife species is a pressing issue that calls for our attention. As strong supporters of environmental protection, we want to continue working with WWF Russia in its long-term wildlife conservation projects and improve the environment we live in,» said Petr Valov, CEO of Exness.

EXNESS Group is one of the leaders on the international exchange market. With a proactive approach to environmental issues EXNESS is a partner of WWF Russia since 2014. Currently apart from «Bear patrol» the company participates in the Fund’s project on reintroduction of the Persian leopard in the Caucasus.

WWF Russia’s project «Bear Patrol», which provides for the creation of teams of locals to monitor the situation with the polar bears, was launched in 2006. Among the aims of the teams are the following: anti-poaching activities, minimization of conflicts between polar bears and humans and environmental education of the population.

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