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Премия рунета 2017


15 february 2018
In Russia, a mobile game with augmented reality to save endangered species is launched.

Environmentally-oriented virtual project "System 0219" is already available on Google Play, in the App Store it will appear in February.

“The main idea “System 0219” is that the augmented reality would influence the actual reality. We want to convey to people a simple idea: entertainment can also be useful. In our game, creating a virtual eco-environment, the user at the same time really helps nature - 20% of the proceeds from the game will be sent to the World Wildlife Fund for programs to save animals that are threatened with extinction,” said the developers of the project “Genso-Media.”

The mechanics of the game are as follows: a player develops his own eco-park, solving the levels of the puzzle "three-in-a-row" and getting bonuses in the augmented reality. Alleys and hills of the park are decorated with architectural decor, flowers and trees, all kinds of animals settle in the park. Users also collect seeds for a game greenhouse of rare flowers. Players compete with each other. So the rating is formed and the winner is determined. The possibilities of all players are the same. The time 02:19, which appears in the title of the game, is the key one. Exactly at this point players' ratings are being updated.

“Interaction in the format of gambling charity is not the first such experience from the WWF, but we hope that it is not the last one. After all, modern technologies help to create new forms of charity and involve users who previously were not involved for some reason,” says Irina Vorobyova, Fundraising Director of WWF Russia.

The purpose of the game project "System 0219" is to help to preserve the real eco-system through virtual reality with the effort of people on the planet.

Fragment from the game
Fragment from the game
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