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Премия рунета 2017

Wide-scale snow leopard monitoring started in Altai and Buryati

25 january 2016
On WWF initiative these regions were chosen as the experimental spots to test the methods of snow leopard monitoring in Russia.

The monitoring will unite the efforts of several governmental, scientific and non-governmental organizations with support of WWF and «Sibirskoye Zdorovye» (Siberian Health), a corporate partner.

Main experts on snow leopard conservation in Russia gathered at the round table in January to disscuss and aggree on major principles, routes and goals of the future monitoring.

«Snow Leopard monitoring is a hard task due to the harsh weather and landscape conditions of the snow leopard's habitats»,  says Tatyana Yashina, WWF Altai-Sayan Programme Coordinator. «The experts will need good coordination skills and a throughly thought out monitoring programme».


Sergeu Spitsyn, one of the leading experts on snow leopard conservation in Russia.
© WWF Russia / T. Yashina
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