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First stage of Amur tiger monitoring in the south of Russian Far East completed

25 january 2012
The first stage of tiger monitoring has been completed in Primorye. It was conducted by Wildlife and Hunting Department of Primorsky Province together with Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Science and WWF support

All planned routs within eight monitoring plots were fully covered and methodology recommendations were ensured. 4 mature tigers were registered in Olginsky and other 4 in Terneisky district. Presence of two mature individuals was observed in Chuguevsky district. Tracks of one individual were met on “Iman” plot in Dalnerechensky district.

In Lazovsky district specialists identified 5-6 independent tigers. One female tiger had a cub. Moreover, on the plots of “Ussurisky raiyon”, “Orlinoye” hunting estate and “Borisovskoye Plateau” were found 4-5 individual tigers. In each district, specialists were able to register at least one female with an adult cub.

Meanwhile, monitoring activities on “Bikin” plot of Pozharsky district will be conducted till 22 January due to the unfavorable weather conditions.

During monitoring, GPS navigators were used to improve the accuracy and quality of the data (for instance, to identify tracks coordinates and the length of the monitoring routs), also photo and video records of tracks were made. The staff of the Wildlife and Hunting Department controlled the monitoring, as well as the staff of “Primorsky Province Administration of Protected Areas” and WWF experts.

Amur tiger
© Vasily Solkin / WWF Russia