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Премия рунета 2017

Real and drawn tiger prints appear on a map

12 march 2015
Staff of Komsomolsky Nature Reserve together with the students of Nizneamurskaya Ecological Inspection visited the village of Gurskoye located in the northern border of the tiger home range.

The purpose of the trip was to inform the local kids on the rare predator of the Planet. Besides the “tiger” interactive lections the kids discussed a recent tiger visit to the Reserve. It happens rare and to make a tiger an often visitor the local people should know the animal’s habits and the rules of behavior when meeting a tiger in the forest.

Another focus of the discussions was the kids’ involvement into the online interactive project http://tigerstrail.ruwhere each person can receive a tiger passport, become a volunteer in any reserve or national park, send stories, pictures and videos “testifying” meeting a tiger. One can as well leave his track on the interactive map. That is what was done by the participants of the trip. They made pictures with paper cut tiger tracks and sent them to the tigerstrail’s site administration (on the photo). And the local kids joined them.

The remote villages of Kinai and Uktur will be the next stops for participants of “tiger route”.