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WWF’s partner visits rehab center for tigers

03 december 2014
Russian Far East. Representatives of Bosch, journalists of the central mass media together with WWF Russia have visited the UTYOS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Khabarovsk.

The Center is providing care to the tiger nicknamed Stubborn to be further released into the wild.  

This conflict tiger brought to the Center on November 14 has become the first customer of special enclosure equipped by Bosch Company. With the help of video cameras the Center specialists will be able to remotely observe the tiger health condition and interfere into the rehabilitation process when it is strictly necessary. As the contacts between the tiger and humans are minimal it will be easier for the animal to come back to its natural environment.

In UTYOS Bosch representatives checked the video system performance and observed the way the undernourished tiger is being treated. WWF Russia has provided funds for Stubborn medication and keeping. Screening tests for the main six diseases showed negative results which means that the three-year-old male has good chances to be back home

WWF Russia has been cooperating with the UTYOS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Khabarovsk for 20 years. Over this period more than 10 conflict tigers and orphan tiger cubs received needed veterinary help and treatment and some of them were successfully released into the wild. WWF has invested a lot of efforts to create a special structure for mitigation conflicts with large predators. Temporary keeping and rehabilitation of animals is a part of this system.  

This year at the initiative of WWF the territory of the UTYOS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Russian government.

One of the UTYOS Wildlife Rehab Center priority goals - to provide good conditions for temporary keeping and treatment of animals planned to be later released into the wild – is being carried out with the support provided by Bosch in cooperation with WWF Russia.

in the UTYOS Wildlife Rehabilitaiton Center
© Pavel Fomenko