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Премия рунета 2017

The are of Tyva Nature Park was expanded four times

15 january 2016
Ush-Beldir new cluster was added to the existing regional Nature Park.

In December the Government of Republic of Tyva signed the Decree to establish Ush-Beldyr cluster of 442.870 ha.

Ush-Beldyr is a famous area in eastern part of Tyva near the border with Mongolia. The status of nature park will provide for better conservation of this fragile area, one of the most pristine areas of Tyva. Such species as a legendary snow leopard, tuvinian beaver, peregrine, black stork, white-tail eagle, golden eagle and the other species. 

Ush-Beldyr Cluster is one of the most pristine areas in Republic of Tyva.
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One of the tourist houses near Ush-Beldyr resort.
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