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Премия рунета 2017

Almost 10% of Kamchatka salmon catch of this year are certified

15 september 2016
Two Kamchatka salmon fisheries have finished the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) full assessment process.

In 2012 Vityaz-Avto and Delta were the first companies in Kamchatka to receive MSC certification for sockeye salmon fishing operations on the Ozernaya River. More than a year ago they began the MSC full assessment process of the pink, chum, and coho salmon fishing operations, which are situated onshore of the Sea of Okhotsk (West Coast of Kamchatka) and on the Ozernaya, Koshegochek, Golygina, Opala, Kol and Vorovskaya Rivers.

“WWF-Russia experts took part in the certification process as stakeholders, engaged salmon scientists in work on the rivers to help assess salmon stocks conditions,” says Sergey Korostelev, the Marine Program Coordinator of WWF-Russia Kamchatka Ecoregional Office.

“The independent certifier – MRAG Americas – is a foreign company. So it was important for the representatives of this company to learn a lot about salmon management in Kamchatka. Among many technical and scientific questions, the most important one was to ensure that spawning grounds have enough breeders.”

Approximately, the two companies caught 20,000 m.t. of salmon this year, which is 10% of the total salmon catches in Kamchatka. This means, that Vityaz-Avto and Delta have doubled the volume of their certified fish products. 

© WWF-Russia / Sergey Rafanov
© WWF-Russia / Sergey Rafanov
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