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Vladimir Putin makes a present to tigers on Global Tiger Day

30 july 2013
Russia. A special fund was created to protect the Amur tigers on July 29, 2013. WWF thinks the new fund will help fulfilling obligations taken by Russia at Tiger Summit held in St. Petersburg in 2010.

Creation of the Amur Tiger Center was a long awaited event.  And the coincidence of the news with Global Tiger Day is exciting. One more Russia President’s assignment on the rare wild cat conservation has been carried out.

Since 2011, the Eurasian Center for Study, Conservation and Restoration of the Amur Leopard, the autonomous NGO working under the auspices of Sergey Ivanov, head of the Presidential Administration, is being active in Russia. WWF hopes that the newly formed Center will work not less effectively. The main thing is that its efforts and funds were directed to the nature protection which is regarded as the primarily measures defined by the Strategy for Conservation of the Amur Tiger.

“The Strategy for Conservation of the Amur Tiger was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation in 2010. Attention of Russia’s leaders helps putting it into practice, notes Yury Darman, head of WWF Russia Amur branch, Ph.D. Amendments to the laws on combating illicit trade in rare fauna species, on conservation of the Korean pine, creation of federal protected areas and substantial increase in their funding are among these activities. For example, an average investment amount per one hectare of protected areas has reached almost 5 USD with one inspector protecting 13 000 hectares on the average. But nature reserves and national parks cover only 10% of the entire tiger home range while the rest 80% are located on the hunting societies leased areas and other 10% are in the regional nature refuges. But Hunting Departments of Primorsky and Khabarovsky Provinces responsible for their protection can provide only one inspector for 130 000 hectares and allocate 0,19 USD per one hectare. The federal subvention for protection all Red Data Book species of Primorsky Province is as low as 9,400 USD per a year. I hope that creation of the Amur Tiger Fund will help first solving this issue and will ensure decent bonus payments to the rangers confronting poachers face to face”.

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