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28 october 2018
There are things that are hard to express, and even harder to accept. On October 28, Laura Williams died.
Photo taken from Laura Williams' Facebook account

It is impossible to describe what this woman meant and how much she did for the Fund. It was Laura, who stood at the origins of WWF Russia.

Laura grew in Colorado, she adored horses and wildlife. Laura believed that such two big and strong countries as U.S. and Russia should come to terms and do their best to preserve nature on our planet.

Her infinite love for all living beings and desire to save the Earth's biological diversity led Laura to Cornell University where she addressed the issues of nature protection and studied Russian. During her studies, Laura visited Russia as an exchange student. She fell in love with our country and looked for an opportunity to return.

In 1993, she had such an opportunity: The 23-year old Laura Williams came to Russia to work for WWF. For the four years that she worked in the Moscow office, she implemented dozens of environmental projects, including the Bryansk Forest reserve. To help preserve this wealth, Laura moved to Chukhrai, a small village near Bryansk, where she stayed to live with her husband Igor Shpilenok, a famous nature photographer and blogger.

Laura's love for nature was boundless: for the time of living in Russia, she also took part in preserving the nature of Kamchatka, when she and her family (husband and two sons) moved to Yelizovo town to arrange the work under the programs of WWF Russia.

Human and Horse is a new project of the inspired Russian American. It is a program of personal trainings with horses. Laura was engrossed in this project. Its main idea is equality: animals must be partners not servants.

We all will miss the ardor, optimism, and warmth and beaming smiles that Laura generously gave to everybody who was lucky to be around. Her boundless love for all living beings took shape in dozens of projects and programs Laura worked on with an open heart and relentless inspiration.

Our sincere condolence and words of support to Laura's family and friends.

Photo in the caption: (c) Laura Williams / WWF Russia.