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Kids and grownups count tigers

27 february 2015
The fate of the Amur tiger is of interest for the people living in the Russian Far East. In late February WWF kicked off a new online project dedicated to the Amur tiger http://tigerstrail.ru

The online project has to attract the most active part of the society – school kids and students who “live” in the social network and have lots of friends across the globe”. The internet resource is getting more popular with every passing day. One can get a Tiger Passport, “leave” his own track on the interactive map, participate in several contests, and propose his own project on tiger conservation. Stories, pictures, photos and videos are coming from all over the Amur tiger range to explain the tiger print on the map. So far there are 108 geopoints on the map, 1315 tiger passports issued, over 30 essays submitted. The overall coverage of the project in social media is over 100 000 persons.