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Let us warm tiger cubs with woolen scarves

23 december 2013
WWF conducted online drawing contest Tiger Cubs and Human Kids on, the most popular news portal in Vladivostok in cooperation with Vladivostok Youth Department.

For a whole week the kids have been drawing tiger portraits three of which have been chosen by readers as winners. WWF has additionally appointed two nominees: one - for a picture with a tiger and a man applying bandage on its paw and the other one - for a tiger portrait made on silk. The Awarding ceremony took place on December 21 in Vladivostok on the Tiger Alley near the bronze sculpture of two Amur tiger cubs, a boy and a girl.

The winners were awarded with Diplomas, wall calendars containing lots of tiger photographs and interesting facts of tiger’s life, and stylish branded backpacks. All the rest were presented with Diplomas and calendars. The first two winners got the right to put warm woolen scarves on tigers’ necks symbolizing the people’s care for the rare animals and for the nature in general. The participants and winners had a chance to decorate a New Year tree, to sing songs and dance khorovod (a circle chain dance) together with Ded Moroz (Santa Claus).

Altogether, 8392 persons took part in online voting proving the idea that in pre-New Year days people are awaiting warm-hearted miracles and that kids and grownups are ready to think of tigers even in a New Year rush.


Heroes of the event
© Yury Smityuk
Reciting a poem about tigers
© Yury Smityuk
Guests of the event
© Olga Sass / WWF Russia
Awarding a winner
© Anna Barma / WWF Russia