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Премия рунета 2017

A house for wardens built to save a snow leopard

17 november 2015
New wooden house for rangers of Katunsky Nature Reserve built with WWF support in the remote corner of the protected area at the border of Russia and Kazakhstan.

New wooden house will provide for the effective patrolling of the area that is hard to reach from Russian side but it is often visited by the poachers from Kazakhstan. Also to help wardens monitor the area WWF installed a specific antipoaching devices along the main paths of the protected area. The equipment reacts on metal and secretly informs the rangers through sms about the poachers crossing the boundaries of Katunsky Nature Reserve. 

Building of the house for wardens.
© Katunsky Nature Reserve
A house for wardens Elo Chadir at the bodrer with Kazakhstan.
© Katunsky Nature Reserve
Antipoaching device installed the paths in the nature reserve.
© Katunsky Nature Reserve
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