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Wild ungulates to be supplementary fed in Primorye in December

12 november 2015
WWF Russia stars raising funds for the supplementary feeding of wild animals. This campaign will ultimately lead to tiger conservation.

The status of wild ungulates directly influences the Amur tiger well-being as deers and wild boars are tiger’s main prey. Last winter was abundant with snow. In November-December 2014, one meter deep snow left small chances for the ungulates to move. Wild boars, red deers, roe deers and sika deers were left without forage.

WWF staff bought forage and set feeding grounds in the forest. Due to these efforts the consequences of heavy snows were not that dramatic.

But this fall has added a poor crop of the Korean pine nuts and acorns which is the main food for the ungulates. It means that the animals once again need supplementary feeding otherwise the Amur tiger will be also starving. And then he will ultimately approach human dwellings.

The animals should be fed in December-April until the fresh grass appears. WWF and the Amur Tiger Center in cooperation with Primorsky Province Administration will form the forage supply to feed ungulates during the harsh winter.

«Our experience shows that the best fodder is a cracked corn. Though the animals eat as well soy beans, oats. First, we plan to buy 300 tons of forage. This amount will be enough to feed the animals inhabiting one fourth of Primorye hunting estates’ area. Of course, it is not enough», notes Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch.

WWF Russia is launching a fundraising camping. Anyonecanhelp. Just send SMS with the word ТИГР and the amount of money to the number 3443, e.g. like this ТИГР 500. One also should confirm SMS request. Right away it is need to raise 2 million rubles (it is about 31 000.00 USD).

A feeder for the wild ungulates
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