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Seven orphan tiger cubs rescued in winter 2012-2013

26 february 2013
This winter 7 Amur tiger cubs were timely found in the forest and forcedly removed from the wild by the Primorsky Province hunting Department brigade on conflict resolution with the support of WWF.

   In most cases orphan tiger cubs are the result of unmerciful poaching. After losing its mother a kitten is forced to approach human dwellings in search of food. In such cases the fate of young tigers depends on how quickly and professionally the humans act.

   Three of them from one litter were found and caught in Yakovlevsky District of Primorye. WWF has paid to the Hunting Department brigade for the removal and has covered expenses of the vets who provided first aids to the cubs.  After receiving veterinary care they were delivered to the rehabilitation center in the village of Alekseevka, Primorye.

   Two other tiger cubs were caught near the village of Svetlogorie at one month interval. These two young tigers were transferred to the Utyos Rehabilitation Center in Khabarovsky Province. WWF has paid for the removal and for keeping the animals at the Center.

   Two more cubs were caught in Kavalerovsky District. WWF has paid for their removal from the wild and for a surgery (amputation of a phalanx) as one of the cubs was trapped. These young tigers are being kept at one of the Hunting Department staff’s barn. Recently, of the cubs died of a disease caused by his malnourishment and traumas of the limbs and mouth cavity while another was transported to the Center in the village of Alekseevka.