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Primorsky Province Hunting Department enforces protection of hunt

09 november 2015
Opening of the hunting season was marked by a joint anti-poaching raid organized by Primorsky Province Administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the support of WWF and the Amur Tiger Center.

In the southern Primorye wild ungulates are not only bag for hunters but the main prey for the Amur tiger and Amur leopard. Therefore, authorities pay high attention to the protection of ungulates.

«It is very important that the hunt is done based on the hunting regulations thus showing experienced and “fresh” hunters that they art watched and controlled by authorities. This was our aim when we decided to join the efforts of Primorsky Province Administration and the Special Police Force. We have been cooperating with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for several years so these joint raids are not a single action. Such activities are scheduled to be a conducted on a regular basis», comments Vladimir Vasiliev, head of Primorsky Province Hunting Department.  

Five anti-poaching brigades went to patrol the territory of seven districts of Primorye. Such enforcement is caused by the opening of a hunting season. Rangers try to conduct primarily night raids when poachers not only transport their kill but try to hunt using spotlights blinding helpless animals. During the first days of the raids 26 administrative cases were initiated.  

 «There are so called “fat” protocols when rangers catch a person with a kill, or with fire arms, or if a checked person is gird with power but lost to shame.  I am pleased that several such persons were showed up in their true colors during these raids and “fat” protocols were issued”, notes Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation program coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch.

“A significant role here belongs to the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The effectiveness of raids increases severalfold when its staff joints our raids”.

Anti-poaching raids in Primorye will be conducted on a regular basis so all hunters and poachers should be ready to be checked. We prefer them to follow the laws and hunting regulations.

Sergey Vobly, head of an anti-poaching group of the Directorate on Fauna Species Protection and Protected Areas, is issuing a protocol
© WWF Russia / Pavel Fomenko
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