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Save taiga and tiger: «Mumiy Troll» votes for BIKIN!

29 june 2011
«Mumiy Troll» band appealed to people of the Earth to save «Russian Amazon» - the Bikin River, which is under threat of loggers' axe, to sign the letter to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

Vote for Bikin forests!

The iconic music band never forgets about its Primorye roots and time after time proves its devotion to Primorsky kray taiga and its gorgeous symbol – the Amur tiger. One of the “Mumiy Troll”’s album title is “Amba”. Ilya Lagutenko, the leader of the band, discussed the faith of the Amur tiger with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin last November, and together with Nayomi Campbell was mastering the concert for the participants of the International Tiger Forum in St.Petersburg. At present the musicians of the band “Mumiy Troll” were the first ones from the artistic circles to defend the Bikin River.

“Dear Loggers and Economic Administrators of our beloved and cherished Primorsky Province! Seeing the situation of further destruction of taiga in Krasny Yar, which did not happen yesterday, but coming in cynic-tragic prospects, in spite of all the efforts both of local people and conversationalists, we – “Mumiy Troll” band are begging you: Do not saw off the bough on which we all are sitting!” – writes Ilya Lagutenko. – We would not dance in a ball room with relict pine parquet flooring, but along with taiga wildlife the living icon of Primorye – Amur tiger could vanish! We may also loose the indigenous people who had been living here long before us as well as future generations devoted to these places.”

For more than twenty years nature conservation organizations have struggled side by side with the indigenous peoples of the Bikin to save this tiger haven – the “Russian Amazon”.

“Mumiy Troll” band appeals to the citizens of Primorye: Turn your faces towards the nature! If we care about our children, we must not let the pearl of Ussury taiga disappear before its too late.