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A well-fed healthy boar is the basis of the Amur tiger well-being

13 february 2014
Primorsky Province Hunting Department with support of Autonomous non-profit organization «Center of Amur tiger» and WWF Russia launched vaccination of wild boar against pig plague on the territory of hunting estates

As it is well known, the number of hoofed animals, which are basic prey for big cats, is the fundamental factor in sustaining stable population of Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard in the Russian Far East. Wild boar plays a special role in the Amur tiger’s diet. Meanwhile, pig plague is one of the most dangerous diseases to wild boars, it can destroy up to 80% of individuals of the population. Mass disease occurs due to adverse environmental conditions and lack of food at the areas of a large concentration of animals. There are several natural sites of possible plague blasts in Primorye, and they may cause a serious threat to animals.

«In the last two years due to rich harvest of Korean pine nuts first, than rich oak acorn harvest in Primorsky Province, the numbers of wild boar increased, but this year with unfavorable yeild situation, most likely, young  stock will not survive through this spring. Many animals will be weakened. Fortunately, there is little snow. Distribution of vaccine at only 15-20 sites of a huge territory of Primorsky Province, probably will not give a 100% guarantee, but will create a zone with a high immune barrier in areas of high concentration of wild boars, which will limit the possible spread of epizootic desease», - says Sergey Aramilev, director of Primorsky branch of Autonomous non-profit organization «Center of Amur tiger».

Vaccination is carried out on the territories of hunting farms where supplementary feeding of animals is conducted at the expense of hunting users, and with the support of ANO «Center of Amur tiger» and WWF Russia. For these purposes,  ANO «Center of Amur tiger» purchased 20 kilograms of viral vaccine. It is a powder packed in bags, which is added to supplementary forage at special feeding grounds for ungulates. These activities are conducted by Hunting Department and hunting farms under supervision of the Veterinary Service of Primorsky province.

Vaccination is carried out at special supplementary feeding grounds on the territory of hunting estates
© WWF Russia
Vaccine powder is added to the supplementary feeding
© WWF Russia
A well-fed healthy wild boar is the basis for Amur tiger well-being
© Evgeny Lepeshkin / WWF Russia