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Премия рунета 2017

Earth Hour. The Russian Far East

01 april 2015
The city TV tower switched off its lights in Vladivostok as well as Pyotr Amurovich and Polikarp-the-Korean-Pine.

Vladivostok. The city TV tower switched off its lights. The Russian Youth Union conducted interactive lections for the volunteer movement participants, showed HOME documentary, and organized an acoustic concert of the local bands. Two city cafes lighted the rooms with candles instead of electric bulbs. The action spread across entire Primorye. Even Pyotr Amurovich and Polikarp-the-Korean-Pine, the main heroes of the WWF online project , swiched off the light in their internet dens.

Khabarovsk. WWF together with All Russia Society for Nature Protection and the city Water and Wastewater Treatment plant played a table game “Eco-manager: battle for water” in one of the city’s cafes.

Nature Reserves: Sokhondinsky,  Bastak, Daursky, and Dzhugdzhursky joined the event for the first time. They distributed leaflets, conducted presentations for the kids of local schools on the existing threats to the environment, flash-mobs, recite poetry dedicated to nature.