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Tiger Uporny moves north of Khabarovsky Province

22 october 2015
According to the latest data received from a collar equipped with GPS-module, the tiger has left Anyuisky National Park and is now located in Komsomolsky District of Khabarovsky Province.

Nearly five months passed since Uporny has been released into the wild. For a long time the predator stayed within the borders of Anyuisky National Park. This is proved both by the coordinates received from the collar and by the field checks. Uporny seems to be still in search of his own home range. An important task for specialists now is to keep predator’s movements under control.

“Recently we have been to one of the mountain ridges of Anyuisky National Park. While studying three spots we found the remains of a large male wild boar proving Uporny’s effective hunt. The size of his victims discovered during the field checks testifies that he easily hunts on large ungulates,” comments Alexey Kostyrya,  senior researcher at the Institute of Biology and Soil, the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

The collar keeps sending strong signals showing that the tiger still avoids populated areas and highways. However, the staff of the Khabarovsky Province Hunting Department maintains high state of readiness, receiving data on Uporny’s locations in online mode. If the tiger comes too close to human settlements or main roads they are ready to go to the site immediately to prevent the human-tiger conflict and ensure tiger protection.

As of October 21, the tiger was located in Komsomolsky District and registered moving north of Khabarovsky Province. In total, since the day of release day the tiger has covered a distance of about 700 kilometers.

By the way, Uporny is still single. At least the specialists found no evidences that the tiger is dating a girlfriend.

The coming winter will show whether tiger rehabilitation was successful or not. Specialists are wary of the lower temperatures to strike as the weather hardness will confirm or deny the concerns on his ability to survive.

«Scientific data we receive on Uporny’s movement are unique. We are gaining valuable experience that will enable us to avoid potential problems if we need to release other tigers into the wild, notes Pavel Fomenko, biodiversity conservation program coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch.

«Right away everything goes smoothly but the main proof test – winter - is ahead. When the cold season is over we will decide to automatically unfasten his radio collar and wish Uporny good luck».

On May 28, 2015, Uporny was released into the wild in the area called Home of the Tiger, which borders the Anyuisky National Park, after being rehabilitated in the Utyos Rehab Center. The operation was done by the Government of Khabarovsky Province with the support of WWF, the Amur Tiger Center, and the Russian Academy of Science.

The first rush for freedom. The release of Uporny into the wild in Khabarovsky Province. 2015
© Joseph Vattakaven / WWF
The map of Uporny locations in Khabarovsky Province according to GPS module data
It was a good wild boar. The remains of Uporny's meal
© Alexei Kostyrya
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