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Uporny lives up to its name

31 july 2015
After the release into the wild the Amur tiger named Uporny started actively exploring a new territory. After six weeks of wandering Uporny (“stubborn” in Russian) temporary settled in the “Anyuiskiy” National Park.

According to the data obtained from GPS collar, on July 22, 2015, the tiger was staying within the borders of the “Anyuiskiy” National Park.

According to Alexei Kostyrya, senior research associate at the Institute of Biology and Soils of the Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, “The staff of the Russian Academy of Sciences provided scientific support of the tiger release, and now we are helping to monitor Uporny’s life in the wild. Everything goes according to the plan. The collar sends stable signals, which assure us of the animal’s physical state and its presence in a certain territory. Now the tiger conflict resolution group of Khabarovsky Province monitors its movements, with our and other organizations’ support. In case of a slightest threat to the people adequate solutions and measures will be taken. Now there are no threats”.

On May 28, by the joint decision of the Government of Khabarovsky Province with the support of WWF-Russia, the Amur Tiger Center and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Amur tiger male Uporny after rehabilitation in «Utyos» rehab center, was released into “Tiger Home” area located on the border with the “Anyuisky” National Park.

“The release of Uporny in Khabarovsky Province, in my opinion, was carried out in accordance with the correct and logical procedures of administrative decision making, that in the future must be documented by special regulations, notes Pavel Fomenko,  biodiversity conservation program coordinator at WWF-Russia Amur branch, a member of Uporny release team. “The decision on tiger capturing, caring and release was made jointly, taking into account the consolidated opinion of all authorized bodies and public organizations involved in the protection of rare predator.”

The place and date of Uporny release into the wild was chosen by the Government of Khabarovsky Province after a series of consultations with the experts of the Interagency Working Group which is functioning for two years at the Ministry of Natural Resources of Khabarovsky Province.

“We are encouraged with Uporny’s behavior so far. He stays away from people in very remote areas, and even avoids any human-made infrastructure. Over the entire period since his release he never uses the roads or even abandoned logging tracks, notes Sergei Aramilev, director of Primorsky branch of the Amur Tiger Center.

“On the other hand, such tiger’s shyness seriously complicates the work of the consolidated group that monitors his movements. Sometimes they have to overcome up to 20 km of impassible terrain to reach the recorded locations and check what the tiger was doing there. Moreover, heavy rains in June and July made some of the mountain rivers completely impassable. However, experts noted that the places visited by Uporny are rich in red deer and wild boar. So he has plenty of prey and will not be starving'.


Uporny release into the wild
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Uporny movements
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