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Tiger Parade

05 june 2013
Over 120 kids and grownups have marched the street of Troitskoye village, the center of Nanai District of Khabarovsky Province – this is how the World Environment Day was celebrated in Anyuisky National Park.

Here WWF in cooperation with its partners runs a long term project of conservation of the northern most group of the Amur tiger.

The Park’s staff, teachers and kids were among those who celebrated the holiday. Some kids groups have invented special costumes, composed rhymed cadences. They carried banners showing animals, birds and appeals to save nature together.

After the march all its participants were invited to visit the kids’ creativity exhibition exposed at the district museum.  

On the eve, the Park’s staff holds a meeting with the kids in the national village of Dzhari. They have made a slide show about the park, conducted insects race, and released pigeons into the sky as a symbol of peaceful coexistence of humans and nature.

“Public awareness activities are an important part of the project on tiger conservation, comments Viktor Nikiforov, head of programs at WWF Russia. Itisverygoodtohavekidsonourside. Theyhelpustoinvolvegrownupsintonatureconservation”.