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Tiger and tigress got passports

20 june 2013
Anyuisky National Park and WWF have completed the first stage of the field project on the Amur tiger identification with camera traps.

In May 2013, the two organizations set 21 camera traps on four plots to monitor tiger and other animals. The devices have been operating till mid-June when the summer foliage has started to obstruct the shooting. After removal all camera traps the National Park staff has thoroughly analyzed the pictures received.

 «Now we can be sure that our camera traps have filmed two adult tigers – a male and a female, notes Aleksandr Samarin, head of Anyuisky National Park. The tigers were regularly fixing on film in spring; the final shots were received in June».  

«We try to fix on-line monitoring of tigers in the Park’s territory. Each new registered tiger gets a special observation passport where all relevant information is entered by the Park’s staff», adds Aleksandr Samarin.

«The received information is a step in organizing tiger monitoring in the Park, comments Viktor Nikiforov, head of pilot projects, WWF Russia. In winter 2014-2015, a tiger census will be conducted across the entire tiger range. It is very important that Anyuisky National Park has been assigned to coordinate the process in the whole Nanaisky District of Khabarovsky Province. We hope that after the census we will get adequate data of the status of the northern most tiger group».

The Anyuiskaya tiger group is regarded as the northern most in the world. Nowadays, it includes 12-15 tigers. To sustain this tiger group we need take considerable efforts in anti-poaching and keep high number in ungulates, which is the main tiger prey.  

WWF Russia thanks WWF Sweden, the Nordens Ark ZOO and SvenskaPostkodLotteriet for the support they have been providing to the project.