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URBANTIGER will release 580 jackets for the benefit of 580 Amur tigers

22 october 2020
WWF Russia and a brand for stylish and technological cloths URBANTIGER have released an astonishing collaboration in favor of the Amur tigers. Future owners of each of 580 jackets – a number equal to the number of the striped animals – will create the jackets themselves thus investing into the rare cat conservation.

URBANTIGER and WWF Russia have joined their efforts to raise public awareness in tiger conservation and support these activities.

URBANTIGER designed the unique hi-tech ID jacket and a series of exclusive prints for it. The brand will release only 580 such jackets each with its unique ID. With this the jacket will not be on sale in the shops, one can create it on with the help of a design kit. The kit provides the owner with a choice of color, technological options, prints and gives him of her a chance to customize the jacket making it peculiar.  

But what is most important is that thanks to this collaboration each person gets a chance to not simply buy the unique trendy ID jacket but also help WWF in the Amur tiger conservation as some money from purchasing this limited drop will go to “tiger” activities.

The launch of the jackets started on October 22. On that day activated its design kit URBANTIGER ID.