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Премия рунета 2017

The Republic of Adygea confirms the fact of meeting with a leopard

06 december 2017
Experts suggest that perhaps it was one of the three Persian leopards released in the Caucasus Nature Reserve – the male Killy.

On November 27, a resident of the stanitsa of Dakhovskaya Valentina Ivanovna Doroganova was lucky to watch the leopard. The meeting occurred near the stanitsa of Dakhovskaya near the fork in Ust-Sakhrai and Novoprokhladnoe. The beast crossed the road, heading from the river Dah in the direction of Mount Gut. As Valentina Ivanovna said, «the leopard moved slowly and with great dignity».

The description of the appearance and behaviour of the beast, as well as checking the information received on the spot, undertaken on November 29, clearly indicates that it was the leopard, and not any other animal. In addition, when examining the vicinity of the meeting, traces were found on the snow, the character of which, despite the relative prescription, also confirms that the leopard had left them.

«After the termination of satellite transmitters on collars of leopards released, it is very important to obtain data on the location of animals, because these observations are a valuable source of information for monitoring them, – says Natal’ya Dronova, Project Coordinator for the Conservation of Rare Animal Species. – In addition, this information allows us to strengthen protection in the areas where the leopard is detected, which ensures the protection of each individual».

WWF Russia reminds that people who provided reliable information about the meeting with the leopard and its tracks will receive a prize of 1.5 rubles, as well as memorable souvenirs from the World Wildlife Fund.


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