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Премия рунета 2017

Environmentalists and journalists discussed environmental issues

28 november 2016
Journalists from the environmental press clubs and mass media of the Amur River Basin prepared a joint work plan with the staff of nature protection agencies at the seminar organized by WWF Russia in Birobidzhan

On November 24-25 WWF Russia Amur branch, in cooperation with environmental press clubs “Poslednaya sreda” (Primorsky province), “Berloga” (Zabaikalsky province), and “Aralia” (Evreiskaya province), held a seminar entitled  “The role of mass media agencies in forming public governance in nature conservation and nature use in Evreiskaya province”. The seminar was delivered by WWF Russia as part of the  “Amur Coalition for Nature Protection” project implemented in the Amur River Basin with the financial support of the European Union.

Journalists representing leading media of Evreiskaya province (GTRK Bira, printed media “Birobidzhanskaya zvezda”, “Birobidzhaner shtern”, “Di voh”, RIA “Birobidzhan, STS Birobidzhan TV Channel).  Other participants included staff of nature protection agencies as well as governmental and public organizations (the Wildlife and Hunting Management Department, Directorate of Protected Areas, Department of Rosprirodnadzor of Evreiskaya province, Forestry Agency of Evreiskaya province, Bastak Nature Reserve and NGO “Bagulnik”).

 «Environmental press clubs have been actively working over 15 years in the Russian Far East and 5 years in Zabaikalsky province with support of WWF Russia. These press clubs have become a real driving force of environmental journalism in the Amur Ecoregion and proved in practice the ability to defend the interests of nature conservation in media space. Press club ARALIA in Evreiskaya province is one of them. I believe, this seminar helped ARALIA to take a new breath and receive new supporters among the journalists and environmentalists”, - comments Elena Starostina, press officer of WWF Russia Amur branch.

The next, 2017, will be the official year of Protected Areas in Russia. Therefore,  one of the main tasks of the seminar was preparation of a joint plan for mass media agencies on how to cover nature conservation events and activities, sharing experience between press clubs of the region and transit the message  to the new generation of journalists and staff of nature protection agencies of Evreiskaya province while  searching for interesting topics and prospects.

On the second day of the workshop the theory was tested in practice. The journalists, together with the staff of the Directorate of PAs of Evreiskaya province and NGO Bagulnik, took a field trip to Uldury Wildlife Refuge to participate in  supplementary feeding of wild ungulates and preventive treatment for stork nests. The trip to the wildlife refuge was interesting for the TV crew of the 5TV Channel from Khabarovsk.

«The seminar demonstrated that there is a great team of journalists from different mass media in Birobidzhan able to work both in the field and “on parquet”. And environmental press-club ARALIA will show itself in newspapers, on TV screen and hopefully in the contest of environmental journalism “Living taiga”. The journalists of Evreiskaya province are fully prepared for the Year of Protected Areas in Russia.” – commented Irina Trofimova, one of the jury of the “Living taiga” contest.

Evreiskaya province and WWF Russia have been collaborating in biodiversity conservation for a long time. The plan of joint activities is annually signed between WWF and the provincial government. These activities refer to creation of new protected areas, in particular, planned Pompeevsky National Park and protection of flag species such as Amur tiger and Oriental stork.

In 2016, WWF Russia has actively supported the development of international cooperation between Bastak Nature Reserve in Russia and Honghe Nature Reserve in China, collection of materials and habitat protection in the area of tiger release, monitoring of oriental stork on the territory of Evreiskaya province as well as interregional campaign “Amur Days”. The Year of Protected Areas (2017) will bring new actions: exhibition “Protected areas of the Southern Far East”, campaign “Zapovednaya volna”, Festival “Zapovedny mix”. Journalists will have many stories to tell to the audience.

Press trip to Uldury Wildlife Refuge
© WWF Russia
Interview with Yury Panin, the head of the Directorate of Wildlife and Protected Areas Management of Evreiskaya Province
© WWF Russia
Our experts - staff of the Directorate of Wildlife and Protected Areas Management of Evreiskaya Province
© WWF Russia
Participating in supplementary feeding for wild ungulates in Uldury Wildlife Refuge
© WWF Russia
Information boards within WWF Project «Stork nests keepers» for the first time appeared on the stork nesting trees in Evreiskaya province. Now they are used on the whole territory of the Amur River Basin
© WWF Russia
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